First blog post

Hi my name is whiskey I am a Male golden doodle, My DOB is Sept-18-2015. I was raised in California, and now I live in North Carolina in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

I wanted to start a blog to show everyone how I love life,


Service Dog in Training

My name is Whiskey, I am a 2 year old golden doodle. Golden doodle means, I am 1/2 standard poodle, and other half golden retriever.

My pops, Takes me driving with him a lot 🤗

It’s awesome thing to be able to share my love and charismatic personality with other people.

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Tuesday’s Tales

This last week, I took Whiskey to Walmart, and some other places, counting doctors office which was the best. I like to have my dog wear his vest, not because I have to because I want to. People are more inclined not to call my dog, or try petting him.

There are laws that I am covered by that I use, such as;

Disability act 1982

Taking whiskey with me everywhere I go, is something I look forward to doing every day with him.

Monday Tales

Would a day playing with my brother, be any better?

Sure, we could go to the spa together, get our “nails” done, and get a “haircut”

Here I am, Just after I got my hair cut from Debbie, (Dogs By Debbie) in Sparta, NC.

Thank’s fur reading, Please leave a comment if you have any questions.

Wednesdays Tales

Today seems like any other day, And yesterday, Whiskey drove with me to the Walmart, and practice his skills as a service dog.

We had a really good session. Met a veteran and spoke with him for quite a while, sure is a lot to learn from just listening to others.

Curly stayed home with mom, and got a little spoiled. Today is a good day to be a dog.